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How to Know When it's Time to Align Your Wheels

Despite how important they are for a car, wheels are often ignored until they start to give us trouble. One part of wheel maintenance that will repercute in the state of your car is wheel alignment, and in the following lines, DFW Distributor points out some signs that indicate when it's time to have the wheels rotated.

Steering to One Side

If your car starts to veer off to one side when you are driving and you frequently need to move the steering wheel to get it to go in a straight direction, this could be a sign that the wheels are misaligned.

Uneven Wear

Wheels wear off the longer you use them, so it's natural to see signs of this after many kilometers; even more, it isn't uncommon for the front tires to look more used up than the rear ones. However, if the tires are unevenly worn, or the tread along one edge is practically gone in one tire and still there in another, it's best to have them checked out.


Feeling your car vibrating as you drive, and having to move the steering wheel to correct the vibration, can happen because the wheels are pulling against each other and need rotation.

Synthetic Oil in Fort Worth

For getting the most out of your car, check your tires and load your engine with the proper synthetic oil in Fort Worth, which you can find in DFW Enterprises. As distributors of AMSOIL Oil in Dallas, we can recommend you a wide variety of products for your car to make it more efficient and fun to drive. Call us at (817) 267-5693 to know more.

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