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Benefits of Using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil in Bedford

The oil you put in your vehicle serves some very important functions. Whether you choose to use synthetic oil or conventional oil, your oil is still in charge of protecting your engine from wear and strain. While many people believe there isn't much of a difference between oils, you could actually be reaping more benefits by using a synthetic oil in your vehicle. DFW Distributors can help you get to know the benefits of using a synthetic oil in your engine.

Better Engine Protection

As your engine works, many metal components are constantly in motion. To avoid metal-to-metal contact and damages from friction, your motor oil coats and lubricates these parts. It also creates a thin barrier between the different parts to avoid engine damage. Because of their resilient base oils, AMSOIL oils are able to create a more effective barrier between metal parts and therefore guarantee better engine protection. Many newer vehicles boast advancements in performance, but with these advances there also tends to be increased operating temperatures and added strain to your engine. AMSOIL's Signature Series oils can handle the added stress of these advances while maintaining your engine clean. The quality of these oils will help reduce sludge and deposits in your engine, allowing your engine to have a longer life.

Cold Weather Protection

Colder temperatures, especially during the freezing winter months, can start to take a toll on most oils. Conventional oils tend to get thicker as temperatures drop. This means your conventional oil will become more sluggish and have a harder time reaching parts of your engine. The parts of your engine that remain exposed are left vulnerable and unprotected. AMSOIL oil has the ability to hold onto its fluidity better during the colder days of the year. Its consistent fluidity will allow your engine to be better protected, even during cold starts. Its ability to flow will make it easier for the oil to reach all the vital parts of your engine and keep them properly protected while reducing wear. Don't hesitate to make the change to synthetic oil in Bedford now! Call DFW Distributors at (817) 267- 5693 for more information about our products. For the best engine protection, check out AMSOIL's Signature Series oils in our online shop!

Extreme Heat and Synthetic Oil

The hottest months of the year have the potential to affect your motor oil's ability to flow and keep your engine protected. Combine the external heat with your engine's operating temperature and you might have an issue. If you're driving through dusty terrain or carrying a heavy load, the added strain on your engine can make your problems even worse. In these types of situation, conventional oils can break down faster while leaving behind sludge and deposits on your engine. AMSOIL's synthetic oils won't oxidize and break down like conventional oils tend to do. They will hold onto their viscosity and fluidity, protecting your engine better. They will also resist the formation of sludge, reducing strain on your vehicle.

Synthetic Oil and the Environment

Believe it or not, synthetic oils are even a better choice when it comes to environmental protectionAMSOIL oil will help keep your engine protected while it reduces emissions and even improves your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Because the oil is designed to resist changing conditions better, it will last longer and require changes less often. Conventional oil changes are usually recommended every 3,000 miles while AMSOIL synthetic oil can protect your engine for up to 25,000 miles. By making the change to synthetic oil you will also be reducing your carbon footprint.

Fuel and Oil Efficiency

As mentioned previously, synthetic oils can help you save money because they are more fuel efficient and better at conserving your vehicle's oil. Since conventional oils are made up of different sized molecules and contain materials that aren't good for your engine. Because of this, they can cause added strain and wear on your engine. This added strain takes energy away from your vehicle causing fuel to be used up more quickly. Synthetic oil is more uniform when it comes to molecule sizes and doesn't contain materials like wax. It can help reduce strain and make your engine more fuel efficient. Conventional oil is also consumed at a faster rate than synthetic oil. With a synthetic oil, you will need changes and top-offs less often.

Synthetic Oil Change in Bedford

If you're interested in making the change to AMSOIL in Bedford, contact DFW Distributors for quality AMSOIL products. Give us a call at (817) 267- 5693 for more information or to place an order. Don't forget to check out our online shop full of the best AMSOIL products for your vehicle.

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