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Why Idling Your Vehicle in the Winter Should Be a Thing of the Past

Idling a vehicle was common practice in the past. In recent years, however, this practice has been proven to be detrimental in a variety of ways. To help you understand why idling your vehicle is no longer recommended, DFW Distributors in Euless has some useful information.

What Does it Mean to Idle Your Vehicle?

Idling your vehicle basically means you turn on your engine and let your car sit as it warms up. This is typically done during the winter months when temperatures are quite low. Most people believe it's necessary in order to warm up their vehicle and prevent damage on the engine. While this may have been true for older engines, advances in vehicle technology have made it so that it is no longer necessary. Since this was standard practice for a long time, disproving this myth is still a work in progress.

Repercussions of Idling Your Vehicle

These are some of the negative effects idling your vehicle can have on your car and on those around you.

How Idling Affects Your Vehicle

Instead of protecting your engine and ensuring it has a longer life, idling can actually reduce your engine's life. As it operates in a gasoline-rich mode, your engine, cylinders and exhaust system can all suffer from idling. This practice can cause oil to be stripped from important areas in your vehicle and will reduce the lubrication that keeps your engine working well.

The Environmental Impact of Idling Your Car

Idling your vehicle in the winter months not only wastes your fuel unnecessarily, it also increases emissions and pollution. By allowing your vehicle to sit while it's turned on, you are contributing to dangerous air contamination and wasting resources.

Idling Your Vehicle and Your Health

All of the emissions caused by cars are dangerous and can even be compared to second hand smoke. Since most idling takes place near a home, in a driveway or by a curb, it creates direct contact between your car's exhaust and those around you. As people walk by your car while it's idling, they will breathe in the dangerous chemicals coming out of your vehicle. Help reduce the intake of these pollutants by leaving idling in the past. Make the switch to a synthetic oil you can trust all winter long. Contact DFW Distributors at (817) 267- 5693 for more information about AMSOIL's  quality synthetic oil. Make the switch this winter and enjoy the benefits of synthetic oil in your vehicle. For the best engine protection, check out AMSOIL's Signature Series oils in our online shop!

Tips to Reduce Idling Your Vehicle

There are several steps you can take in order to help reduce emissions and pollution caused by idling. Follow these useful tips for a better winter driving experience.

Turn Off Your Engine

Most campaigns aimed at reducing and preventing the negative effects of idling vehicles will tell you that the longest you should leave your vehicle idling is ten seconds. Anything longer than ten seconds is wasteful and will even cost your more money. Even if you've stopped idling your car during cold starts, you might still do it while waiting in a drive-thru line or in a busy parking lot. If this is the case, turn your engine off while waiting in line. Turning it off and then back on again when traffic starts back up will help reduce pollution and will waste less fuel.

Combine Your Errands

Most people who idle their vehicles do so during cold starts. This is generally the case when they use conventional motor oil that tends to lose its ability to flow in the cold. A great way to get reduce your idling is by combining trips and reducing the number of cold starts in a day. Instead of dropping the kids off at school in the morning and waiting to go grocery shopping until the evening, do both on the same trip. Your vehicle will stay warm and your oil will flow better.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic oil boasts many benefits, including its reduced pollution rates. Another great benefit is its ability to hold onto its fluidity and its viscosity in all weather. Freezing winter temperatures won't negatively affect its ability to protect your engine, even during cold starts. If you idle your engine because you want to ensure your oil is flowing well, make the switch to a synthetic oil and leave the idling in the past.

Synthetic Oil Change in Euless

Before getting your next oil change, consider getting a synthetic oil change in EulessContact DFW Distributors in Euless for the best synthetic oil deals and specials. Check out our full range of AMSOIL products by visiting our online shop. Give us a call at (817) 267- 5693 for more information or to place an order.

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