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Summer is here and it’s the perfect excuse to visit your relatives or drive to that destination you always wanted to see. However, you should tune up your car before going on the road, this way you can be sure you car will be ready and prevent any vehicle malfunction. For this reason at DFW Distributor in Euless, we would like to share useful advice on preparing your car for summer. 

Check the Tires

It’s crucial that your tires are properly inflated according to your car’s specifications, as this will improve your fuel economy and keep your tires in perfect condition. Also, look for any irregular wear. You shouldn’t forget about the spare tire, as it’s very easy to neglect it and be sure to have your tire jack and iron in case you need them. 

Air Conditioning

The temperatures will start to soar and you definitely want to stay cool during the summer heat. If you notice any unusual noises or smells, you should try replace the cabin air filter and remember that you should test you airconditioning while the car is running. 

Check the Cooling System

The soaring temperatures can lead to overheating, however your cooling system can help to maintain the operating temperature of your engine. Make sure to check the coolant levels and  inspect the condition of the belts, clamps and hoses. 

Change the Oil

Motor oil is responsible for reducing the engine friction and you should change it according to the manufacturer's specifications.  Remember to check its level regularly and read the owner’s manual to find out the recommended oil for your vehicle 

You should perform these ideas on a regular basis, whether you are traveling this summer or not. This way you will protect your engine and expand its lifespan and don’t forget to take your car to service to avoid costly repairs in the future. 

Synthetic Oil in Euless

Remember that your vehicle requires the best products to boost its performance, and  there are many benefits of choosing AMSOIL synthetic oil, as it provide your engine with superior protection. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Euless, think about DFW Distributor for your AMSOIL needs.  Please call 817-267-5693 or visit our website to place an order.

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