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How to Identify Worn Tires

When taking out the bike and changing the oil, you'll also want to check the tires to prevent any mishaps from happening- but how to tell when it's time to change them? In this post we'll tell you how.

Tread Depth

Tire manufacturers incorporate wear bars that run across the tread, so when the bars are even with the tread, it's time to change tires. Another way to measure the treads is to stick a penny in one of them, and if the edge is barely covered, it means the tires are too worn.

Cracks and Punctures

Check the tires for any cracks or punctures among the surface of the tread or the sidewalls; if deep enough, the air may be leaking out and lead to low tire pressure.

Unnatural Sensations

If the tire feels strange in your hands, or you feel vibrating, pulsating or something just plain odd when riding your motorcycle, the problem could be in your tires.

Underinflation and Overinflation

Under or overinflating tires can end up in uneven wear of your tires. The center or the sides of the tire may look more deteriorated.


If you don't use your bike all that much, it's a rule of thumb nevertheless that tires should be changed after five years, even if the treads look fine, but you'll be the best judge.

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