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How to Stay Safe in Your SUV

Road safety is paramount in all seasons of the year, and suburban vehicles or SUVs are one of the safest cars out there. But what safety features to look for when buying an SUV? DFW Distributors summarizes some of those options.


Anti-lock brake systems or ABS are available in most vehicles nowadays. This advanced brake system lets you steer your car or SUV under full braking, due to the ABS pumping the brakes several times per second to prevent the wheels from locking and letting you steer away from any collision; also, ABS lets you stop quicker on wet pavement.

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension

Four-wheel independent suspension allows each tire to react to bumps and move accordingly, which grants the SUV more stability than if it only had independent stability in the front wheels.


Newer vehicles have front and side airbags and incorporate sensors to determine the force with which the airbag will be activated, according to size and weight of the passenger, if said passenger is wearing a seatbelt, and other factors.

Pre-tensioners and Limiters

Pre-tensioners are those mechanisms that tauten a seatbelt when you lock it on, calculating the force necessary to keep you safe in the event of a car crash; limiters are there to ensure the pre-tensioners don't grow so tight as to end up causing chest injuries.

Synthetic Oil in Fort Worth

Oil isn't just a safety measure, it's the lifeblood of your SUV. DFW Distributors are the best choice for synthetic oil in Fort Worth, and the Authorized Dealer of AMSOIL Oil in Dallas, and will be happy to help you maintain your SUV in top shape. Get in touch with them at (817) 267- 5693 for the best products for your vehicle.

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