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Stay Safe on the Road This Fall

Autumn is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. The weather is cooling down after the summer heat but hasn't yet reached freezing winter temperatures. If you're planning on hitting the road this autumn, keep in mind that road conditions change with each session. DFW Distributors has some tips to help you drive safely this fall.

Leaves on the Road

The changing of the colors of the leaves is a beautiful part of fall, but when these dry leaves end up on the road they can be dangerous. After storms, these leaves can pile up and become very slippery. Driving over piles of wet and even frozen leaves can reduce traction and cause your vehicle to skid. Piles of leaves can also conceal dangers on the road. These dangers can include potholes, bumps or sharp objects. It's a good idea to reduce your speed as you drive through areas covered in leaves. Try to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you just in case they make a sudden stop. Avoid fire hazards by not parking over piles of dry leaves.

Reduced Visibility

The fall weather and seasonal changes can cause conditions that compromise your visibility. If you notice leaves on your windshield, remove them in order to make sure you can see the road clearly. Your headlights, taillights, brake lights and signals should all be properly working. This will ensure you can see the road clearly as you drive through bad weather or at night. Other drivers will also be able to see you and will be warned of your next move. The shorter days will most likely leave you driving in the dark. Be aware that because it gets darker faster, a lot of children might still be out playing. Be extra careful and alert as you drive through dark areas where children might be out.

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