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Take Care of Your Car's Paint Job

The harsh weather that takes over the fall and winter seasons is especially damaging to your car's exterior. Take the necessary measures to protect your vehicle's paint job and limit its exposure to the elements. DFW Distributors has some tips to help your car make it through the harsh weather without suffering damage caused by the weather.

Add Another Layer of Wax

Washing your car regularly and having it waxed are great and easy ways to protect your vehicle's exterior. Regular washes will help get rid of grime and other stains before they start to affect your car's paint job. For added protection use another layer of wax over your regular one. A spray on wax that is easy to apply and wipe off can give your car additional protection against the elements. Once it begins to snow, an extra layer of wax will offer better protection against corrosive road salt and snow.

Cover It Up

The best way to protect your vehicle from the elements is by keeping it covered. If you have space in your garage, storing it indoors while it's not in use is your best bet. If you don't have a covered space to store your vehicle in, consider investing in a car cover. If you don't use your car daily, a heavy duty car cover will protect your vehicle from the elements and from moisture. There are lighter options for everyday use that will also protect your car from harsh weather conditions.

De-Ice Your Vehicle

De-icing your vehicle can be scary. You have to get rid of the ice on your car and its windows, but you don't want to damage your vehicle's exterior. Invest in an ice scraper that is designed to get rid of ice and protect your car's exterior at the same time. Avoid using ice scrapers that are not meant to be used on cars. For brushing snow off your vehicle, stick to soft snow brushes or foam brushes.

Synthetic Oil in Euless

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