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Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in the DFW area

AMSOIL offers your vehicle a long list of benefits over other conventional oils. Here we are going to tell you about some of the benefits your vehicle will receive by using AMSOIL

Cooler Operation 

By lowering the operation temperature, your engine is more resistant to excess stress and wear. AMSOIL is engineered to better cool your engine than conventional oils. This means your engine will last longer and need fewer repairs. 

Thermal and Oxidative Stability 

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are designed to be resistant against breakdown. Less oil breakdown decreases the formation of sludge, varnish, acids, and deposits that degrade your engine. When your engine is clean and free of oil breakdown by products, your engine operates better giving you better performance and fuel economy. 

Consistent Viscosity

Unlike conventional oils, which vary in viscosity depending on temperature, AMSOIL has a consistent viscosity over a wide range of temperatures. This leads to easier cold-temperature starting and better high and low temperature protection.  

Friction Reduction

Synthetic oil is proven to be superior at reducing friction over conventional motor oil. This feature helps the engine last longer and reduced wear. 

Low Volatility 

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils resist evaporation because they have a uniform volatility. AMSOIL does not have small, light molecules which evaporate easily in high temperatures. Since AMSOIL does not evaporate, there is a reduced oil consumption. Extended Service Life AMSOIL synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oils. Since synthetic oil last longer you save money and reduce the impact on the environment. 
Synthetic oil can help the inside of your car, but what about the rest? Here are some some other tips on how to extend the life of your car. 

How to Extend the Life of Your Car in the DFW area

Although checking the brakes, changing the fluids and inspecting the tires are chores that every car owner should perform, there are other, somehow neglected details, that are also important to maintain your machine. That’s why at DFW Distributor in DFW area, we would like to share useful advice on extending the life of your car. 

Follow the Maintenance Schedule 

It’s recommended that you read your owner’s manual to learn more about your machine, break in procedures and specific care it requires. Also, be sure to follow the maintenance schedule and perform seasonal checks. This also includes paying attention to the warning lights on your dashboard. 

Drive Wisely

Your driving habits also have an impact on your machine and driving gently may extend the life of your car; needless to say it’s also to prevent accidents. Avoid speeding as it will force your vehicle and increase the wear and tear, which will mean costly repairs and poor fuel economy. 

Clean Your Car

Looking out for your car’s exterior is crucial to keep its value, so wash your car frequently and wax it at least once a year. Avoid exposing your car to the elements and keep it in your garage or invest in a car cover. These simple ideas are the perfect way to take care of your investment and you should perform them on a regular basis. If you and your family are planning a road trip during the upcoming summer vacation, and there are certain tasks you should perform to ensure smooth travels, so be sure to read our guide to ‘summerize’ your car to pick up some useful tips.

Synthetic Oil in the DFW area

Using the right products in your vehicle is another way to extend its life. If you are looking for synthetic oil in the DFW area, think about DFW Distributor. Remember that AMSOIL has exclusive products to protect your engine and avoid excessive wear. Call (817) 267-5693 to place an order.
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